Jim Downing, a man I highly respected, was 104 when he was promoted to Heaven. Over the years, he taught me much that has greatly enhanced my communion with God. One memory of him is from a reunion, years ago, of Washington DC Area Navigator staff gathered in Columbia, MD. Jim said we most enjoy reunions when we relive shared experiences, recall, remember, and rehearse our stories. Then he said something that has stuck with me. “When we commune with God, we may simply do the same thing: relive, recall, remember. Like Lord, remember when You rescued me that time? Remember when You saved me?” Jim said such conversations with God were so enjoyable, he would lose track of time. I want to remember to “remember with God”, to rehearse His deeds in my life when I spend time with Him each day. It’s a very personal way to worship and praise the One who loves to have a conversation with His children.