(In case you’ve forgotten, a haiku is a Japanese poetry form having seventeen syllables in three lines of five, seven, and five. I’ve used this pattern for each stanza.)

Earth reels: dark, cold, pain.
Child, bird, seed, taste death daily.
Hope falls like tree leaves.

Sudden announcement!
White wings in night-sky. Great news!
Today, Christ is born!

Sheep keepers shiver.
They hear: Don’t fear; seek the Babe.
Star shines on feed trough.

Kings, wizards bow low.
But Light’s lovely life stirs strife.
Men hate Light, love dark.

God-Man, healer, good,
His blood spills through pierced skin.
Dark world has killed Light.

Grave cannot keep Light.
Earth shakes, stones move, men fall flat.
The Light has killed death.

God keeps His promise:
Forgiven, life eternal:
Just look at His Son.

Light came; He’s coming.
Whoever will, may receive.
Oh, heart, open wide.