My book, Keeping Blessing Hill- the Story of a Couple Who Converted a Barn, Created a Garden, and Celebrated Home, is being released today, nationwide, by my publisher, Morgan James Faith! You may now purchase it in your favorite local bookstore. Keeping Blessing Hill is also available as an E-Book and as a paperback in most online bookstores. Here’s an excerpt:

I garden by whim. And a bit of wit. New ideas keep coming. After so many years of working a place, a portrait emerges and exposes the character of the gardener ⸺or maybe just her foibles. I am not aiming for a “world-class” garden, as one local garden was described in our newspaper recently. My garden isn’t classy in any sense. I’ve attempted “artful” and have now arrived at “make do”, since I decided to accept the limitations of my age and ability and our pocketbook. I love garden work because the results are so visible: bushed trimmed, beds weeded, plants dug and replanted in a better spot, debris raked and carted off. I enjoy this good labor though I know I will be stiff and sore the next day. The stiffness doesn’t keep me from choosing to go back out there and work some more. Not yet, anyway. Gardening is not a hobby for me. I don’t have hobbies. I have serious reasons (mostly) for the way I spend my time. Calling my garden a hobby seems to belittle it. My garden seems necessary to me for my well-being. I keep a garden for the health of my soul and my body and for the opportunity it gives me every day to see God’s glory growing on this hill.