The local book club, ‘Coffee and a Book’, chose my book, Keeping Blessing Hill, to read for the month of May. To thank the club for this honor, I invited them to visit Blessing Hill for a garden tour and enjoy some food and drinks before their May club meeting, May 29, 7-9pm. I also offered to give a talk about my book at the meeting, show some slides that illustrated some of the chapters, and answer any questions. Thirty-five people showed up! We had a great time, in spite of the weather, which was rainy, then sunny, then more rain and some thunder. A few people managed to explore some of the garden during the dry moments; others ventured out under umbrellas. All who attended seemed to enjoy the relaxed time to chat and eat and look around the first floor of our home. Many commented that after reading my book, it was a real treat to see in person some of what they had read about. A big thank you to my friends who made the evening possible, helping me set up, assembling and keeping the food platters full, even staying behind to do dishes while I went to the club meeting and gave my presentation.

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.